Messaging : Developing the Narrative

Telling important stories to busy people is hard. A well-told story is only meaningful if someone hears it and feels it. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of the people that need to hear your message is through visually compelling images. Still images. And moving images. These are the key building blocks, the Story Components, make-up great storytelling.

Projects and Programs...



Final Report

In 2011, I had the privilege of being appointed to the Colorado Forest Biomass Use Work Group to help shape biomass-related state policy. It was nice to be able to use my years of experience in technology transfer and technology assessment -- there is a lot of snakeoil salesmen (almost all are men), and my goal is prevent bad public investments on bad ideas.

Sometimes I think snakeoil would make a great source of renewable energy.


Flexible Energy Communities Initiative (FLECI), 2006-2009

If your community is planning a new building and you the economics for on-site renewable like biomass and solar just don't work out, don't give up.

We've created a design assistance program to help you make your new building Wood Ready and Solar Ready (and a few other cool technologies).

Can't say Yes today? Well, say Yes tomorrow.

Here are the key documents I created for the Colorado Governor's Energy Office:

Flex Energy Handbook

Flex Energy eWorkbook


Mountain Studies Institute, Silverton, Colorado, 2005-2007

We created this project on a shoestring budget to create a successful example on how wood pellets from regional forest treatment can be used to economically replace propane in Colorado's mountain communities (and lots of other places).

U.S. Representative John Salazar was the guest of honor at the world's first pellet bag opening ceremony. To change the world, I believe you must tell an authentic and shareable story (I learned this from my favorite marketing guru Seth Godin).


Wood Pellet Market Analysis for the Mountain Ute Tribe, November 2007

This 9-page report describes the regional pellet market for the Four Corner area that might be one day served by a tribal pellet mill. I created this with Carla Harper on behalf of the US Forest Service.


Woody Biomass Project Assessment for the Little Colorado River Plateau RC&D, April 2008

4-page Marketing Perspective.